Sandeep Khurana Study Visa Mentor
Study Visa Mentor
Study Visa Mentor

Hello! I'm Sandeep Khurana

I have been guiding students for fulfill their study abroad dream. I am passionate about this and love seeing my students succeed in their goals. I have over 10 years of experience in the immigration industry. I offer advice and guide throughout the application process, from pre-application advice to help with filling out forms, to providing support for interview preparation .

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Sandeep Khurana - Study Visa mentor

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Best Services

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We carefully consider education and skills when choosing the right institution and course.

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Expert Migration Agent



we ensure that your planning is optimized for maximum efficiency, accuracy, and performance.



we have an understanding of rules & regulations pertaining to visa holders may be helpful in navigating the process.

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Proper documentation support for students is essential to ensure that they understand the whole process

We Value Your time

we understand that your time is valuable and that it should be respected. We prioritize providing the highest quality services in the most efficient manner possible, so that our clients can save time and maximize their resources.

Our Agenda


It is a path of transformation, and one that can lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling dream.


It is crucial that the service is able to maintain its level of performance and be free from defects and errors over a period of time


Consistency is key in nearly all aspects of life, from work to relationships. Being consistent in actions, words, and decisions will help you to build trust


we are going the extra mile to ensure that everyone's needs are met. We recognize that customer service is a key component of any successful business

sandeep khuran study visa mentor
How We will Help You
How We will Help You

step-by-step guidance to conquer your goal

Our intent is to function as a productive bridge between academic institutions abroad and pupils to furnish legitimate information and direction on higher education opportunities overseas. We strive to offer our customers time-tested solutions to accomplish their precious goals in terms of study visas, employment visas, tourism, and permanent residency at a risk-free expense. Presently, society necessitates qualified advice at an economical fee.

selection of course.

Going overseas for education can be an exciting experience allowing you to intimately explore different facets of life, gain skills in various areas and create cherished memories. Selecting the right course for yourself is of utmost importance and requires thorough research about the institution, location, pricing and availability of the desired course. Doing ample research allows you to make an informed decision that not just benefits your academics but also contributes positively towards your overall growth and development.

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universities/institutes selection

In order to help the students to create their future, they need to pick the suitable universities with the right academic program so that they have a stable future in front of them.


visa filing assistance

Visa application is essential. Prior to presenting their records at the Embassy, we furnish our learners with the newest data on visas for different nations.


interview tips and tricks

For student visa situations, there is likely an embassy interview in the process. Accordingly, we provide our students with internal English training and interview tips so that they are better equipped for the coming discussion.


pathway planning

If you don’t have a good IELTS score, we’ll provide you with an assortment of other choices so that you can make the most out of the chances awaiting you.


What Client Says About My Services

I'm satisfied with your work Sandeep Sir !

I am so glad that I choose Sandeep Khurana sir, as my immigration lawyer. He was very patient with me and provided me the best guidance for my visa. He was always available to answer any questions I had and made the process as smooth as possible. Thank you, Sandeep, for all your help!

A big Thank to Sandeep Sir !

I had an excellent experience with Sandeep, sir. He is a very polite and humble person who guided me on every path where it was required. He did his best to fulfill my desire for my USA study visa. When a need arose, he was always available and responsive. I recommend him to anyone seeking guidance in obtaining a visa.


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